A peripeteia!

I have had a peripeteia. I believe it is a good thing. I almost gave in the let anger and sadness be my guiding light. So yes, I am still deleting some of my posts that are outdated, needed to be polished or are no longer relevant. I am not going to be so foolish as to let others, who have no personal regard for me, get under my skin. There is a reason for a report button and I will use it wisely and as sparingly as possible. I will not let anyone be bullied. It’s wrong and it’s against the rules.

There are people here who are caring, giving, thoughtful and kind. There are people here who know how to respectfully disagree. There are people here who have given me courage when I needed it most and told me when I was stepping out of line and they did it with love and in private. To them, I am forever grateful.

My goal for the next week is to write nothing that has anything to do with the site. I am writing for outside views. We need those views. We seem concerned about the numbers and the value of a viril, well the way to make the value increase is simple. More views from outside our community. Write and share. I never really paid attention to the share totals on the posts. But I need to. I need to promote posts that will bring others here. I will share any posts or pictures that are well done and not centered around what is happening or not happening on the site.

I would be thrilled if anyone else has a peripeteia and joins me in the great share project. We can make a difference if we choose to do so.


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