5 Ways to Save Money on Critical Expenses When You’re Broke

Is the roof leaking? Does the car need to be repaired? Let’s look at how you can save money on those critical repairs even if you have little savings or are living on a fixed income.

#1 Look Into Government Programs

Your local, county or state government may offer programs that make it easier to afford repairs to your roof, siding or other critical components. The federal government may also offer loan assistance or grants through local private or government lenders.

#2 Apply for 0 Percent Interest Credit Cards

If you have a sufficient credit history, you may qualify for a 0 percent interest credit card. This may give you up to 21 months to pay off your balance without going farther into debt. Most credit card debt is eligible to be discharged in bankruptcy assuming that you make a good faith effort to pay it off.

#4 Seek Public Clinics

If you have a tooth that really hurts or a medical issue that needs to be addressed today, look for public clinics. They are usually staffed by college students training to be doctors or dentists. They are always supervised by a professional, which means that you get good service for free or on a sliding price scale.

#5 Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

Many service providers will work with you to provide the lowest price for needed goods or services. For instance, your mechanic may not charge for parts while a repair professional may choose to waive his or her service charge.

#6 Look for Refurbished or Scrap Parts

It may be possible to repair your car or other appliances with used or refurbished parts. In many cases, you can verify that the part is both what you need and that it is safe to use before you buy it. Buying used or refurbished parts may help you save hundreds on a repair job. Of course, you can save even more by doing the repair work yourself.


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Written by Cody Hodge


  1. those are all GOOD ideas but where I live we don’t have none of that
    we have a credit card & we pay on it every month as much as we can
    to get it paid down or off, other wise we just do the best we can. ?