5.21.20 Lockdown Insights

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Rats go inside cars to eat electrical stuff. I once opened my MX-3 hood, and I saw a dead rat inside my car engine. It scared the shit out of me because it was staring back at me in a frozen way. I soon realize it was dead. So, I found a branch to poke it down unto the ground and push it to the side for the association people to pick it up and take it away.

Rats mean someone put a spell? I wonder what dead rat means…

Ventura, in LA, is opened.

Garcetti encourages people to snitch on people who aren’t wearing mask or not social distancing.

The government want people to lose everything so they will be dependent on them as future slaves. They are using the Cornyflu Plandemic to create slaves under One World Government, which is now being put in Zionist Israel.

New Moon…6:36 am…write down intentions…Haircut Day on New Moon?

Blocking negative energy? Salt and coconut oil in bath to cleanse, as well as pray to God.

Shapeshifting—eyes change colors or face changes.

Pile 1: you have power. Two powerful people connecting in a relationship or business. You are working on something that will finish at early 2021. You have strength and power to do something you are focused on. June until December is its planning. Yes, you will get married, around August. Equally matched in a business arrangement. It is a strong relationship, which should work out well. You have right amount of money to do whatever you want to do.

Pile 2: emotional connection to your sense of self. Focus on feeling better about yourself and have confidence. Know yourself well. Take a break from people who are criticizing you or are toxic. It is someone you are close to, who is doing this. You have been there and done this with family. Be more aggressive with them to shut them up. They are afraid that your finances with allow you to move away.

Pile 3: deciding what to do next, whether old or new ideas. Consult someone close to you. Deciding for spiritual or traditional relationship. You can make money the way you want to, which will help you meet the right love. Scared to move or change.


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