10 Tips for Online Marketing

Thursday, April 2, 2020

I went on the meetup site to look for online meetups, and I found two for day. This was is the first webinar I attended at noon.

At noon, I decided to sign up an online meetup about Marketing in Crisis Time. The Presenter is John Yoon, from Mercato Partners and the Host is Luis Vasquez, UCI Beall Applied Innovation. 9 people signed up for this online meetup by 10 till 12. More people joined as the time inched its way to noon. At 11:55 am, 17 people signed up, 20…22…31..32..34; at noon, 40 people appeared. 50 people and growing with latecomers… 64…69…75…76…79..81…82…

Marketing involves doing quantitative analysis, market research, getting leads, and sales. Do customer surveys. 68% companies don’t have a sales department.

Strategy for war zone => mission and vision with overarching goal and logistics. Work on a marketing plan and processes. Strategies define tactics. All crisis is short term.

  1. Postpone major projects, and focus on hoarding reserves and releasing where things are working. Renegotiating essential services to free up space. (conserve cash)
  2. Check out go-to-market and buyers’ journals.
  3. Calls-to-action to test what is effective.
  4. People’s basic buying processes might be changing, and you need to change to move with the flow.
  5. Evaluate price and promotions
  6. Email Campaigns have .03% response rate. Use welcome emails rather than promotional emails. Add videos to in emails for a higher success rate. Share videos with images and texts as well as use your blog posts.
  7. Permission-based marketing
  8. Branding and Marketing => messaging and positioning to find your target audience, personae and niche. Focus on content strategy and public relations. Plan, Execute & Measure your progress to make sure you are growing.
  9. Consider more video meetings on skype as well as virtual marketing. Interruption-based promotions is out. Permission-based promotions is in.
  10. For my information about this webinar, check out


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