Workout 7.16.21 & Outdoor Concert

Friday, 7.16.21

Today, I realized that I had forgotten all about Thursday evening’s concert at the park. I had wanted to go to check out the Irish band playing there. Last week’s Thursday concert was relaxing, in which I made some videos of a OC band playing Beach Boys and Jan & Dean music. I noticed I hadn’t written it on my calendar to remind me, which is why I forgot about it. Oh, well. 

Today, I mostly made smooties all day. Moringa, oatmeal smoothing, Turmeric tea, chia seeds drink, etc. They were filling and energizing. I also made 4 oz of Super Coffee. At 6 pm, I went on the Woodbridge meetup. I think 11 people showed up, but everyone were all over the place, walking on their own. There was also a concert at the park there, and there was a jazz band playing. The area was crowded and lively, which is nice to see. There were some food trucks. The ambiance felt like that song, “In the Good Ole Summertime…”

According to my iPhone, I noticed I walked 5.2 miles and 14,664 steps. The weather was nice this evening. I also noted to someone that it felt more like a breezy spring day than July weather, which is nice. 


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