Workout 6.30.21

Wednesday, 6.30.21

Arrived at the gym at 9:30am. I decided to go on the treadmill. I did the Lake Louise, Alberta Canada trail. There was a map of the hilly mountain trail. I remember that the Winter Olympics was once at Alberta Canada. Anyway, I walked 2.93 miles, which was 44 minutes long, burning 486 calories. As I was walking this treadmill trail, I realized that it is very steep that I was almost climbing the treadmill. Then, I went on the stationary bicycle, and I rode 4.88 miles, burning only 80 calories, probably because I was cycling like a casual bike ride. I did the “weight loss” workout” which wasn’t tiring. I stretched a little bit at the 2nd floor weight room, using bars and large ball. 

As I was walking out of the gym door, a cute squirrel walked inside the gym. I think the gym people know him, probably because they feed him. I just remembered that I have some avocado pits to leave out by my door for my squirrel friend. 

I returned home to take a shower and drink a cup of water with ACV. 


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