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Why do women need 20 minute more sleep than men?

Sleep is essential for human body and needed for both men and women but research says, that more than 20 minutes of sleep is more important for women. According to a new research, additional sleep of 20 minutes need for women are more important because women ‘s brains are more complicated.

Former Director of the Sleep Research Center and Sleep Export Professor Jim Horney says, during sleep, a lot of brain work and maintaining and repair itself. He says, that the cortex, the part of the brain, responsible for memory and language. It get busy in repairing by separating all the senses during deep sleep. He further added, that according to use of the brain you need more sleep accordingly.

Women are capable of doing more than one work , simply multi tasking, compared to men, their mind is confused in solving many other things while doing a job, that the reason women use more brain then men, and that’s why they need more sleep. Men taking several decisions at one time and in many ways, men who perform their duties at the job and using more brain feel more sleep than ordinary men.

Professor Horney further says , It is because of the fact that women’s brain is more complex and its structure also differs from men. Therefore, they need average for 20 minutes or more sleep.

This research was carried out by men and women of 210 middle-aged as a samples, and another study was pointed out that there are many other disadvantages of sleep reduction in women, such as psychological diseases, mental stress and anger. If there is no better sleep than men, these effects on women are more visible.

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