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What Are The Reasons For Teeth Stain?

When you look at the mirror and find those stain lines in front of your teeth, you can count yourself among the majority. There are plenty of people like you who feel ugly and unconfident when they notice those stubborn yellow shades. There can be many reasons for the dark teeth such as improper dental care, not following basic dental hygiene, and consuming stain-causing fast foods or drinks. When you visit your Somerset family dentistry, they explain the major reasons for teeth stain.

After conducting an initial dental health examination, your dentist can tell you the main causes of discoloration. The factors that contribute to this condition mostly affect the tooth enamel and can be restored and whitened by applying certain whitening methods.

Types of Teeth Stains and Their Causes

A person with no knowledge of the dental field can be surprised by the fact that there are actually different types of teeth stains. The severity of discoloration depends on its causes and the time you have been neglecting it. There are commonly three types of teeth stains – (1) Extrinsic, (2) Intrinsic, and (3) Age-related.

Extrinsic discoloration is belonging to the outer portion of your teeth that mostly triggered by foods, beverages, coffee, tea, chocolate, sauce, etc. If you’ve been smoking or observing tobacco these help in building plaque and tar stains.

Intrinsic stains are quite critical as they settle at an inner portion of teeth. It may be formed in childhood due to over intake of antibiotics like tetracycline. Your family dentistry should not prescribe these medications. Avoiding excessive use of fluoride in childhood is also favorable for your adequate dental health in young age. If you had a tooth trauma, physical trauma or ever used to have drugs, they may be additional reasons for intrinsic staining. These stains are difficult to remove so it is always better to retain good dental care Somerset to avoid it.

As we age, the outer layer of enamel starts to wear away and the yellow dentin layer becomes more visible. It is inevitable to stop body changes occur by age but regular flossing, brushing, and cleaning by a professional dentist near me can help you to an extent.

With the advancement in cosmetic and family dentistry, there is a wide range of teeth whitening treatments available. But not all of them made for each patient. There can different situations where bleaching kits and laser light whitening systems are not that effective. Your dentist may not advise for certain toothpaste, so you’re insisted to consult a dentist for an expert opinion.


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