Weird Skin Care Routines That Actually Work

Everyone wants beautiful and healthy skin. The reason the beauty industry is very successful is that people want to look their best, in one way or another. Being confident with your skin does wonders to your self-esteem, and you feel that you’re at your best too. There are thousands of skin care products, reliable healthcare services, and ingredients different people use to have a healthy, supple, and glowing skin. Sometimes, the secret to achieving the skin you want is simply to use one routine or ingredient that suits you well. In this article, let’s talk about weird skin routines that actually work.

Routine #1: For oily skin

If you have oily skin, a natural astringent is best to use. To make your own natural astringent, you’ll need a black tea bag. Black tea is known to have antioxidant properties that help flush out free radicals, kill bacteria, and aid in clearing up acne. Here’s how to use your natural astringent:

  1. Brew the black tea bag to produce a cup of tea.
  2. Refrigerate the tea until cold or chilled.
  3. Splash the tea water on your face without rinsing it off.
  4. Apply regularly to alleviate oily skin.

Routine #2: Effective makeup remover

There are beauty queen secrets for glowing skin. What most people don’t know is that these secrets are very basic and inexpensive, such as making sure you’re properly hydrated and your skin is clean. Before going to bed, remove your make up and wash your face thoroughly. Here’s an effective way to remove makeup:

  1. Use coconut oil as a makeup remover before cleansing your skin.
  2. Instead of using cotton balls, use your finger to massage the coconut oil on your face. Use your ring finger because it’s the weakest, which means that there is only gentle tugging on your skin, especially around the eyes. This gentle massage also improves the circulation on your face.
  3. Use a soft towel to swipe the coconut oil and makeup off your face.
  4. Once the makeup is removed, wash your face and proceed with your cleansing routine.

Routine #3: For dry skin

For dry and flaky skin, your dandruff shampoo is your answer. Dandruff shampoo contains ingredients that fight off yeast infections, which may be the cause of your flaky skin. Simply use the dandruff shampoo in the affected area once or twice a month instead of your usual cleanser.

Routine #4: Oily skin hydration

A oily skin may indicate that your skin is dehydrated, so your skin compensates by producing too much oil. If you want to fight oily skin in the summer or all year round, the solution is to apply facial oil. You might think this is a silly idea. However, putting oil on your face tells your skin not to overproduce oil because there’s already enough of it. Here’s how to go with this routine:

  1. Pick a facial oil, preferably one that is organic.
  2. Wash and clean your skin thoroughly every morning and evening.
  3. After your cleansing routine in the evening, apply facial oil before bedtime and leave it overnight.
  4. Repeat daily.

Routine #5: Quick-fix for blemishes

Blemishes can show up overnight. Sometimes, their timing is so perfect that they show up on the day where you’re set for a party, date, or any special event. They can be annoying and frustrating to cover them up. But did you know that a diaper rash cream is a quick fix? Apply a dab of diaper rash cream on your pimple, and you’ll see it shrink quickly.

Routine #6: Emergency puffy-eye remedy

There are times where you didn’t get enough rest or sleep and you’re off to another important meeting. Your eyes are puffy, and you’d really want to appear prepared instead of tired. If you’re looking for a quick puffy-eye remedy, try applying a hemorrhoid cream under your eyes. Hemorrhoid creams have anti-inflammatory effects that could temporarily help reduce puffiness. Remember to be cautious when applying the cream. Do not apply it too near your eyes. Also, this is not advisable for daily or regular use. The best remedy is still to get enough rest and sleep.

Routine #7: For natural exfoliation

If you want natural exfoliation that works, you can use coffee grounds as an addition to your bath routine. Coffee is high in antioxidants that can help in slowing down the skin’s aging process and tightens your skin. Here’s how to use coffee grounds:

  1. Mix coffee grounds into your body wash.
  2. Use the mixture to exfoliate your skin, especially in rough and dry places like your knees, elbows, and feet.
  3. Repeat once or twice a week.

Routine #8: For a healthy glow

Everybody wants glowing skin, and ice water dunks can provide that effect. It sounds like a dreadful idea to dunk your face in freezing water, but cold water has been shown to benefit the skin. Cold water encourages blood circulation, reduces puffiness, and revitalizes you. To do the ice water dunk:

  1. Prepare a bowl where you can dunk your face in and fill it with ice-cold water.
  2. In the morning, dunk your face in the ice-cold water for 15–20 seconds at a time with a minute or two of rest in between dips for a total of 20 minutes.
  3. Repeat daily.

There are so many skin care routines out there, and everybody is on the hunt to find what works for them. Many individuals, including celebrities, use one or more of the weird skin care routines above, and you could try it too to see what floats your boat.


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