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Top 5 Most Critical and Highest Paid Medical Specialties

It is evidently true that becoming a doctor is not a cup of tea for everyone. The scenario in the medical school is expensive, rigorous and competitive as well. If someone is keen to invest a significant amount of time, money and effort to gain a professional degree of a doctor, it will certainly be a rewarding career – financially and otherwise also.

This post undertakes an account of the most critical as well as the highest paid medical specialities that are available in the medical industry.

1.      Orthopedic Surgery

Treating the musculoskeletal system suggest working on the extremities, spine and different related structures that orthopedic surgeons usually do. These surgeons often look after the patient that has suffered injuries through a trauma.

As per the reports of Forbes, orthopedic surgeons can earn a base salary up to $497,000 annually. Many other sources have revealed different earning sources for this speciality, but irrespective of the amount it ranks consistently high on the list.

2.      Invasive Cardiology

This field is the most appropriate one for the one who doesn’t want to feel the pressure of literally holding the heart of the patient in their hands.  Invasive cardiology has been one of the top-playing medical fields that are not only extremely critical but is one of the highest paid one.

Cardiologists specialize to look after the overall wellbeing of the heart, and they end up making $525,000 as base salary every year. They often work with ones those who are in the advanced stage of heart failure and for the ones who need immediate heart transplants. Just imagine the kind of skill and presence of mind cardiologists need.

3.      Urology

Urology is the brand of medical science that mainly focuses on the wellbeing of the urinary tract of both the genders and the reproductive system in male patients. There is a wide range of body structures, and organs exist that falls under the domain of urologists like prostate, kidney, bladder, urethra and even male genitals.

These professionals are making almost $412,000 (according to Forbes) and have been successful in being in the list of the top 5 highest paid medical specialities. Urologists need to undergo a training of 5 extensive years along with tons of practical examination and analysis to earn the degree.

4.      Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is indeed one of the most common and most-sought-after medical disciplines among patients. Plastic surgeons are the ones who devote their entire career for upgrading the medical aesthetics of the person coming to have a complete makeover on the face or the body.

They usually work on the visual body part of a person, and it covers from the shape of the torso, limbs and breasts to the appearance of the skin, and even reproductive structures. These surgeons are making $354,000 on an average annually, and it is expected to rise with time.

5.      General Surgery

General surgeons are available in the most, and they have been extremely useful to deal with the health disorders, especially, when one needs to have surgery with the help of modern tools.

Doctors from different disciplines might be referred to as general surgeons such as a dentist in Temora who performs cosmetic dentistry, dental emergencies or general dentistry. On an average, professional and renowned general surgeon is making almost $339,000 annually.

Apart from the ones discussed above, many other medical specialities also exist in the industry that are helping the mankind for better living, but the listed ones above are the most critical and as we said the highest paid ones.


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  1. As an ex registered nurse I read your excellent article with interest. I have to admit though that I did not know that orthopedists were most highly paid although it makes sense as there are just as much accidents with broken bones as myocardial infarcts (heart attacks). I am surprised that neurologists are not on that list as they deal often enough with cerebral aneurysms, head injuries etc. As for plastic surgeons, I am sure they are useful for patients with burns, facial injuries but I personally would never have breast implants or rhinoplasty or whatever else done on my body unless absolutely necessary…

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