Tips on Staying Alive in One World Lockdown

Monday, April 6, 2020

This is a video about Peanuts Gang and BeeGees Staying Alive. 

  1. We all need to remain positive and work on Staying Alive in One World Lockdown, in order to prevent a Zionist Worldwide One World Holocaust via 5G, lethal vaccination, and whatever sick crap they plan to add next into their Fake News agenda. 
  2. Since we can no longer work out in the gym, then turn on the radio or music CDs inside your home, and create your own exercise program, dancing inside the house, doing our own workout, as well as enjoying the nature in your own neighborhood by going on walks, which might involve wearing our own protective gear, bandanna, helmets, and other stuff, to protect ourselves from 5G radiation, contamination in the air, and carefully inspected food we buy at the grocery stores. (The Peanuts Gang are getting a good dancing workout. I need to copy their dance skills). 
  3. This exercise program is also a good way to fight depression because many people are becoming depression during this One World Lockdown house arrest. It is now all about staying healthy in mind, body, and soul. 
  4. Stay hydrated with lots of water, ACV, OJ, and other liquids.


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  1. You can imagine how it is when you’re alone. I keep focused and keep on doing my writing work but when something feels odd or I get a bit tired I started to worry and I have no reason to worry it is just everything is working on my brain.

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