The Value of Indifference

One of the hardest things to learn is the value of Indifference.

We are indoctrinated to believe this is an evil trait we should not embrace.  

However, in life, where one is beset by persons of the lowest moral fibre,  people who do not take our existence into contemplation,  the most useful response is Indifference with the flavour of contempt.

People will blast their mouths or their radios to gain our reaction.  They will say things which are designed to ‘pull your tongue’ (as we say in Jamaica).   People will make you the target of their mental imbalance.

If you respond, if you bring your life to a halt to deal with their issues,  there is only losing.  

This gal is running her mouth at some ‘flaw’  she found in you.   Once you hear the first few sentences, you realise that this reaction is not your ‘flaw’ it is some issue she has.   You don’t need to listen, to speak, you simply walk away.

Why waste a moment of your existence being a ‘target’  when you can shut her out as easy as turning a switch?

Indifference is not activating your emotions or intellect because the other is not worth notice.


What do you think?


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