The Factors Why You Have Yellow Teeth and How to Make Them Shiny White

Although having yellow teeth is not as problematic as other dental conditions, it’s still one of the reasons for you to lose your confidence and willingness to bare your smile to everyone every day.

There are a lot of factors why you have a set of yellow teeth. Fortunately, there are ways that you can do to make your teeth have that white, shiny gloss. It can be as simple as changing your daily diet and committing yourself to good oral hygiene. For you to know the causes of yellowish teeth and its remedies, read on below.

It’s in Your Genes

Yes, not all people have naturally white teeth. If the color of your parents’ teeth is yellow, chances are you’ll also get the same tooth color as theirs. Genes have something to do with it.

Some people have different natural shades of tooth color. That’s also the reason why having natural yellow teeth is not considered as a serious dental condition. But if you want to make it whiter than it’s natural color, then why not? There are whitening treatments – natural or medical – that can whiten the unsightly yellow color of your teeth.

Meds You’re Taking

The medications you’re taking also plays a big role in the discoloration of your otherwise white teeth. For instance, meds for hypertension, antipsychotic drugs, antihistamines, and antibiotics, such as doxycycline and tetracycline, cause your teeth to become yellowish.

Too Much Fluoride

Why are your teeth yellow? Is fluoride to blame? Isn’t fluoride good for the teeth? Well, yes, fluoride can help fight cavities and reverse tooth decay. However, too much of it can lead to yellow stains, and brownish spots called fluorosis. That’s why you should minimize using commercial dental products that contain too much amount of fluoride.

Bad Diet

Some foods can cause your teeth to become yellow. For instance, coffee and tea are two of the culprits that can lead to discoloration of your otherwise white teeth. Sports drinks, sodas, white and red wine are to blame as well.

Even tomatoes, berries, and curry spices contain pigments that, when eaten, can cling to the enamel of your teeth. Thus, you should eat fruits and veggies like celery, carrots, broccoli, pears, nuts, etc. And, of course, don’t forget water!


Different types of diseases can negatively affect the dentin and enamel of the teeth, which can often lead to the discoloration of the teeth. Infections at birth are also to blame for tooth discoloration in infants.

Treatments to particular types of diseases are also the leading factor why your tooth color change from white to yellow.


Smoking cigarettes are not only the number one cause of lung cancer, but it’s also the leading cause of yellow stains on the teeth because of the chemical called nicotine. That’s why if you’re a heavy smoker, it’s now the time to kick that bad habit.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Of course, not taking care of your teeth properly can cause it to become yellowish. Thus, you should see to it that you brush your teeth twice daily to prevent this from happening.

Aside from brushing, it’s also a must to floss once a day and rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash to get rid of stain-causing bacteria off your teeth. Also, it’s essential to visit your dentist for a regular dental check-up.


Having a set of white teeth can boost your confidence, and it can increase your willingness to bare that shiny smile of yours to everyone. That’s why you should see to it that you take care of your teeth to keep it white and healthy.

First off, you need to know what are the factors that can cause tooth discoloration. When you know these things, you’ll know what to avoid and what are the ways to whiten your teeth. You can take something from the article above for that purpose.


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