The 3 Main Differences Between Stress and Anxiety

Although seemingly similar and having the same symptoms, stress and anxiety are really different. It is therefore important that you can distinguish them. If your anxiety is marked as stress, you may not get the help you need and do not improve your condition. Well, look at the key differences between stress and anxiety.

1. Stress almost always disappears after a stressful period, anxiety remainsYou may feel stressed by the holidays, meeting a new person, or visiting your parents. Because of this, you may have trouble sleeping or you will not be able to focus on anything other than the stress-induced event. But as soon as the event passes, the stress will decrease and in a few days it will completely disappear.

Anxiety on the other hand is malicious. Perhaps the deadline has long since passed, but you are still anxious and with a changeable mood. You may think that you could do something better or different. In fact, there is no need for an external factor for the occurrence of anxiety. It is possible in every aspect of life to see success, but you still feel worried and frightened and you can not sleep.

2. Stress can be helpful, but not anxietySimply, stress is a response to danger.

Anxiety, on the other hand, is not a response to danger, nor is it a defense mechanism. It is actually the most widespread mental disorder. Anxiety can really affect the quality of your life and sometimes meditation and healthy eating are not enough to cure.

3. Lifestyle changes eliminate stress, anxiety requires moreIf occasional stress has turned into long-lasting stress, changes in lifestyle can help you. You can set a boundary between private and professional life, reduce obligations, focus more on experiences rather than the financial reward. Workouts and healthy eating can also be helpful.

While this way you can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, you will not eliminate the source of the problem with them. Successful overcoming anxiety requires professional assistance.


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