Stress is a Killer

It isn’t that you are annoyed or frustrated or angry or depressed.  Because you are  aware you feel that way.   When you really suffer stress, you don’t know.

If you are lucky, and get out of the situation which is causing stress, it is only when you appreciate certain differences in your behaviour that you can realise that you were suffering stress.

For example;  Emma was living on the dorm with other women.   It wasn’t until she moved and got her own place that certain things became evident.

The first was the fact that when she was at the dorm she would go through a roll of toilet paper in two days; now, only half has been used after five days.   She didn’t note any particular change in her habits; but then how much attention was she giving to it?

The second thing she noticed was that before, every day she would go to the supermarket.   In her new place she had only stopped in twice in a week to get minor items, a small battery,  credit for her phone.

She tried to find reasons why last week it was one way, this week it was another.  Then she realised, she had been so stressed out when she lived in the dorm that it effected her body and mind.

The fortunate thing was that neither of these instances was life threatening, either physically nor mentally.   The fact she realised what was happening to her, belatedly, opened her eyes to the reality of stress; that she had not been aware of it.

Most people are not.


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