Received My Toe-Separators…

Wednesday, 8.11.21

My toe-separators have arrived. I bought a pack of 4 pairs from Amazon on Sunday midnight, after browsing on the internet all night. It arrived on the estimated day, which is today. My toes were squishing together, more on my right foot, due to small bunions I am hoping to fix with these toe separators. They are soft and rubbery, and they feel comfortable. I received 2 white ones and 2 blue ones. 

My right pinky toe keeps going inwards behind the other toes. The left pinky toe is better. I think this issue is due to shoes, squishing my toes together. 

I heard Xeros sneakers are good, too. 

I have been wearing them since 4 pm today. I am considering on sleeping with them on. 


What do you think?

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