Not from Cream or Powder: Get Beauty From these Foods

Women take special care of their face and skin. Various type of such beauty products including Ayurvedic beauty Products are also randomly sold in the markets and Beauty Parlors across the world.

 But do you know that without using any cream powder, you can also enhance your beauty?

Even categorically from Eight easily available Foods which you often use like Lemon, Egg, Banana etc. Fruits, eggs and honey are not only good for our bodies but also eating and applying those as beauty products must enhance your glory in your face and skin. Regardless of the face pack of fruit or you take it in your diet. Therefore various fruits are completely suitable for the face and body.

So, let us aware of these foods …..

Lemon juice: As much as it is beneficial for our health, it is also better for our skin. It tightens your skin, removes the oil from your skin which consequently turns your skin clean and shiny. Apply it directly on your face and skin, just after a while clean it.

Egg: Put the white part of the egg on your face and wash it in a while. It will remove wrinkles from your face and moisten your skin too.


Strawberries: This can work as a clearing mask which contains vitamin C and antioxidants. You can apply strawberries  after grinding it properly. Apply it on your face smoothly and slowly. This will make your skin absolutely shine.

Banana: This is an effective moisturizer, which refreshes the face. Just grind a banana and mix a little honey in it and leave it for 10 minutes on your  face. Then your face will glow as if a rising sun in the early morning.

Oranges: This fruit is filled up with Vitamin C which improves skin texture. Eating this on regular basis will not cause wrinkle in your face soon. You can also use the powder of it’s peel as a Scrubber.

Papaya: It contains an enzyme called antioxidant and Papen, which removes all the skin dirt and cleanses the dead skin. Drink a glass of papaya juice  or mash the papaya and put it on the face. Both are extremely beneficial to glorify your shinning beauty.

Mango: It contains immensely Vitamin C and required antioxidants which looks ever ready to fight against unprecedented ageing in your look. It also creates a stretch in the skin and helps in bringing the new layer too.

Honey: You can use it on your face everyday. It removes acne from the face and softens the skin. Apply it for only 5 minutes and then wash the face. You can also make a pack, which contains honey, lemon and sandalwood powder.


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)


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