Never Give an Abuser a Second Chance – 67

Once you identify an abuser, you keep that information secret from the Abuser.  Never let him know that you recognise who and what he is.  This gives you the handle, not the blade.

Be aware that all actions performed by the Abuser are designed to demean you.

Although it might be unclear at the moment, every action is set to abuse you, in one way or another.

If he feels you are escaping, he might do something ‘nice’ for you.  This ‘niceness’ is fraudulent.

Try to avoid allowing him to  buy you lunch or dinner, or accept a gift.   This is ‘payment’ so he can say;  “I need you to work late tonight,”  or “After I spent so much money on you …(fill in).”

Never trust him, never rely on him, always have alternatives.  No matter what he says or does, give no chances.

You can, if it is easy, let him think you believe him or will help him or forgot about all those beatings, but never ever put yourself at his mercy.

Whatever he says or does, asks or portrays, always look for the hidden motive, and you WILL find it.


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