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Narcissists; Their Cruelty is Implicit – Part 7

As previously mentioned, when you enter a relationship with a Narcissist, you will be put on a pedestal. The narcissist will act so proud of you.

This is because you are superior to the Narcissist. S/he would not be attracted to you if you were not superior.nferiority onto you.

They will degrade, minimize, and ignore what you accomplish, now acting as if it means nothing to them and as if it is of little importance o rvalue to the

Understand that clearly. For a Narcissist to become involved with you, you must be superior.

To get you makes them feel important. It bolsters their false image of being a normal human being who could get a “prize” like you.  For the first part of the relationship, be it the Narcissistic boss or spouse, they need you to be better than them to confirm their superiority.

Once the Narcissist is sure of you, the effort is to turn your strengths into perceived flaws.

Maybe the Boss liked how you thought ‘out of the box’, now, “Are you incapable of following simple procedures?”

Maybe the spouse loved you for your confidence, now, “Can’t you stop making love to yourself in the mirror?”

The Narcissist will gaslight you into believing that your value and worth is not real, all while projecting their own sense of i world.

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