Mother with Schizophrenia. Child suffering from schizophrenic parent being loved and hatred at the same time

Narcissist; Their Cruelty is Implicit – Part 6

A narcissist will use your ‘secret’ information against you.

If you admit to being insecure about your weight, be prepared for covert and overt put-downs about your body.

If you reveal you’ve experienced a past trauma, it won’t be long before they are using it to explain all your faults.

Narcissists thrive on the fact that you are being retraumatized. Their ability to make you regress right back into the original trauma with just one turn of phrase makes them feel powerful.

And they live for that power, because it is the only power they have in their empty lives.

To a narcissist, any open wound is an invitation to cut deeper and the narcissist can and always will, cut a wound deeper.

Remember, the first meeting the Narcissist behaved as if you were ‘better’ than s/he. Now as if you were a born enemy, the Narcissist is going to ‘cut you down to size’ then walk on you.

This is the pleasure for a Narcissist.


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