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Narcissists – Their Cruelty is Implicit – Part 14

The easiest, or most difficult task is to recognise the Narcissist.

In some cases it is easy; he has photos of himself all over the walls receiving all kinds of awards, standing on all sorts of platforms.

In other cases it is hard, for he seems like a nice humble guy who always makes you feel better about yourself.

As time passes, you will notice uncomfortable twists. An undeserved insult. Perhaps a ‘hurt me to hurt you’ kind of behaviour.  ”

To give you an example, where although he has to drive you to the airport early tomorrow morning, he’ll be running a noisy paper shredder late at night to keep you awake. He is doing this not merely to disturb your sleep with no note that he is preventing his own, but he is trying to provoke an argument.

A normal person would not run a paper shredder late at night. Would not run it to disturb another’s sleep. But most significantly, a normal person, knowing he must wake early to drive all the way to the airport, would be concerned about his sleep.

A Narcissist is not a normal person. A Narcissist will spare not effort in provoking an argument especially where the other person is smaller or dependent upon him.


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