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Loving your hair is no different than loving yourself. In a way, hair is an extension of who you are as a person. People know me as someone who loves coloring their hair. Why? Because I do. Changing my hair color is something I do often and enjoy. My color process is done by myself because I do not trust people in my hair. As you may have noticed this is not about coloring hair and tips and tricks. Everyone’s hair is different and I am not a professional hairstylist.

Some of the hairstyles that will be talked about may have been talked about before or shared. Hopefully, something can be taken out of this post.

Style One: Flat twist space buns – a flat twist bun is simple and is the go-to style. Most naturals like doing a wash and go – not this one, right here. This style can be achieved in a matter of minutes. Simply make a few parts, personally, four is enough. Twist the hair as far back as possible, leaving enough hair out to make a bun. The reason why it is best to do four flat twists is that the two on the left will make a bun and the two on the right will make another. Or just make one and there you’ll have a two for one hairstyle.

Style Two: Afros – Afros by far are the best hairstyles to help embody the fullness of the hair. There are many ways to style. One slick those edges back and go on about your day. Two get a scrunchy and pull all your hair thru and fluff like there is no tomorrow. Three embraces the fro, love the fro, and most importantly pick the fro.

Style Three: Mini twists – contrary to believe this style is not a bad protection style. Very low maintenance and manipulation are needed throughout the process. Achieving this style can be done on wet or dry hair, either way, it is best to fully detangle before twisting any strands together.

All styles mention can be worn for at least three to five days before needing to redo. In the meantime keeping the style hydrated with a spritz of water or some oil is all that is needed.


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