My Summer Colors 2020

Thursday, 7.30.20

I have noticed that this week’s morning hours I was more productive than usual. After eating, changing my clothes and feeding Gumby, I felt like doing a lot of cleaning, such as scrubbing the bathtub, doing laundry, and doing the dishes, all withing an hour’s period. Then, I drove to the yoga meetup for one hour of yoga at the park. I decided to wear sunblock more now, mostly on my face because it is very sunny in July and August morning hours and I am getting older. 

Today, after my yoga meetup, I decided to paint my nails, azure blue on my toes and peridot lime green on my fingers. I chose these two colors because they remind me of summertime, along with coral, yellow, and violet. Other colors I like for summertime include cerise, neons, seafoam green, pistachio green, and turquoise blue, and any other bold color that pops out easily. 

My fingernail color is the same color as Gumby’s light green eyes.

The changing colors of the solar hummingbirds mobile like the changing colors of the seasons.


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