My Picks for Cool Tweets About Self-Care

This collection of tweets was inspired by a lady that I follow on Twitter, who is also a fellow writer at  She is an Honors Graduate student and admits to having had struggles with mental health problems.  My first shared tweet is a link to her article about self-care.  Though she has struggled, she has also learned how to take care of herself.  Maybe her experience can help others.  The beauty of most of the self-care tips or advice is that … they are practical common-sense measures and things most of us can easily do, if we put our mind to it.  It helps for someone to spell them out and create something like a checklist.  Why?  Because when you’re suffering from a mental health malady, you are usually overwhelmed and you just don’t think straight.  It helps when somebody can show you how to straighten things out, so you can get back to living again.

The hashtag for #selfcare has a lot of related hashtags.  Here are a few examples:  #selfcareisnotselfish#SelfCareIsHealthcare#selfcareday. That last one makes you pause, doesn’t it?  Hey!  If you’re not going to take care of yourself every day, then at least set aside one day.  The world won’t stop turning if you do.

I hope you appreciate these tweets.  I found them all helpful and some humorous yet sensible.  Humor should definitely be a part of everybody’s self-care routine.



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