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When I was growing up in Miami, Florida, my favorite department store was Burdine’s. It no longer exists.  It was bought by Macy’s.  Macy’s may have bought the store but they did not buy my memories.  I still have them and they are intact.  One of my memories that is crystal clear was the perfume counter.  You could find all kinds of high-quality perfumes and fragrances such as Elizabeth Arden.  To me, the letters “E” and “A” in that name mean exquisite and alluring fragrances for women.

The real name of the woman who started this American company was Florence Nightingale Graham.  She attended nursing school in Canada for a while, but eventually dropped out. She moved to America (Manhattan, New York), lived with her brother, and began to pursue her own interests in developing skincare, makeup, and other beauty products for women.

She entered into a business partnership with another woman by the name of Elizabeth Hubbard; however, the partnership only lasted for 6 months.  From that point forward, she determined to establish her presence in the business world on her own.  She took the first name of her business partner “Elizabeth” and the name of a farm “Arden” and created the trade name in1909.  It is now 2019, which means that, for over a century, America (and the rest of the world, as her products are sold in over 20 countries), has associated that trade name with the most desired beauty products for women.  Elizabeth Arden products include a wide range of fragrances, cosmetics, and skin care essentials.

Ms. Graham passed away in 1966 at the age of 87.  She is buried in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in NewYork.  The name on her grave is Elizabeth N. Graham.   She is without a doubt one of the most inspiring and phenomenal business women of the 20th century.

Below is a sampling of Elizabeth Arden products.

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#1 Celebrate the glamour and elegance of the iconic #RedDoor Salon fragrance

#2 Pure. Exquisite. Uncomplicated.#WhiteTeaMoments

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Pure. Exquisite. Uncomplicated. #WhiteTeaMoments

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#3 #MyFifthAvenue fragrance … Inspiring. Feminine. Limitless. …

#4 Superpower Serum Duo — #AdvancedCeramide plus #RetinolCeramideCaps. …

#5 Follow a #PrevageProgressive journey. …

#6 Enjoy our #8Hour collection for comforting hydration all season long. …

#7 Our Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Foundation …

#8 A little cabinet update c/o @CynthiaLions. #Shelfie

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A little cabinet update c/o @CynthiaLions. #Shelfie

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#9 We ❤ spreading love & kindness all year, but especially on #WorldKindnessDay

#10 Ms. Arden was the 1st to introduce matching nail polish to your lipstick! #VintageAd

View more Elizabeth Arden products here.

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