My Hair-Coloring Ritual

Tuesday, 1.8.18

It is only the first week of 2019, and I am already back to my old bad habit of sleeping too late, which actually happens by accident, not intentionally. I got up in the morning, feeling tired and groggy. So, I decided to stay in bed and skip the 9:30 am Pop Pilates class. I got my sleep, all morning, ate my breakfast, and then I decided to henna my hair. I still had some Burgundy hair color henna left over from last time because I had cut my hair into a very short bob. So, this time, I used another 1/3 of the powder. I will save the rest for March.

I love this brand Light Mountain Natural hair color and conditioner. All the colors I tried look natural and good on me, and I have gotten compliments on my hair. This product even gives my hair body as well as a rich, natural color and highlights. It is certified organic, and its ingredients include indigo leaf powder and henna leaf powder. So, it has indigo and henna. It is cruelty-free, it doesn’t have any animal ingredients, and there wasn’t any animal testing to create this product. The product does not have any synthetic chemicals, ammonia, peroxide, or PPD. And, I don’t even have a favorite shade. I like all the colors on my hair, which is either different red shades or different brown shades.

At 2:45 pm, I placed the gooey mixture all over my head and hair, making sure to get every inch, from scalp to the hair ends. Then, I placed a plastic cap over it. I then wrapped my head with an old but clean towel to cover the mixture in my hair with a turban. I also like to blow hair dryer over my head for a while to help the ingredients absorb color and set into my hair. I plan to keep it on all day until bedtime. Then, I will rinse it off, towel dry my hair, and go to bed.

This is my hair-coloring ritual I go to once a season to cover my gray. It is actually fun but messy. And, I like the end result.

I added a snapshot of my IMVU avatar modeling her red henna bob.


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