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Mosquitoes: Run for Your Life

The summer vacation is over the tropical islands of the Philippines. However, dengue fever is still rising in its incidence. It wasn’t a new issue or concern because the dengue strands are always in the country every year. It is just phenomenal because the news is sugar-coated on television. They don’t usually focus more on how to get rid of this insect. In fact, the local people know the answer. It is all can be answered with the existence of “citronella” in the surroundings.

How to get rid of dengue mosquito?

The extraction of juices from citronella plants is so essential to be repellent with this kind of insect. In some facilities or even in the house, it is so ideal to have citronella plants to let the insects fly away naturally. It is not considered a harmful agent as compared to branded pesticides available in the market. The main function of citronella is to repel the insects particularly the mosquito.

In the market, there are some available simple items that can induce the effectiveness of citronella with the usage of candles with the oil. It repels the mosquitos to roam around the dwelling are of the residents. The citronella aroma changes the odor that attracts insects such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid excreted from the human body. If there is a chance that accidentally engulfs by humans, it cannot cause harmful effects to the system and can be excreted through the urinary tract system.

The usage of citronella as repellent is definitely safe and not toxic content to harm humans and even to domestic animals. However, the citronella can be an allergen to others. The most important thing, it is beneficial to humans without harm. It can also be ideal to have these citronella plants if people wanted to do some outdoor activities and mosquitos run away to save their lives.


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