Making People Think You Are Psychic – 6

Now that you are aware of how you can overlay feelings on targets which remind you of others, parataxic distortion) skim your friends, coworkers, etc. See if they remind you of someone else.

Those you instantly ‘liked’…why? Those you instantly disliked…Why? Feelings. What feelings?

Explore those feelings, digging deep, asking the hard questions..Sure if the first time you saw Bert he was kicking a puppy, well hey, we all hate him too. If the first time you saw him a puppy was licking his face, okay, we all like him too. But that guy who happens to sit over there; why? Is he that fantastically handsome? That wonderful? Who does he look like? Who does he sound like? Why do you smile? What is it? You don’t know.

Feelings, you say.

Where do these feelings come from?Are they Here Now feelings, feelings based on that person, or are you casting them in some one else’s shadow?

Why do you ‘immediately’ trust this person you don’t know?  Who do they remind you of? When you get in touch with yourself you’ll know the answer.


What do you think?


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