Makeup Hacks You Will Definitely Love!

We all want to look gorgeous, while on the go. Things like smudged eyeliner or broken pressed powder can be headache causing.  But don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Beauty is not about using expensive stuff. It is about being creative.These quick and cheap tricks can help you save both time and money. We have 7 makeup hacks that will be your life savers!

1. Broken pressed powder

That little box drops on the floor. While you lift it, you pray for a miracle. But the dusty powder is everywhere. Don’t throw it in the garbage. Just mix it with a little alcohol and make a creamy mixture. Then press it with hard object that is same size as the box. Leave it overnight. And now your product is ready to use it. This trick can work with eye-shadow as well.

2. Dry skin and foundation

You have found the right foundation match for your skin. But the horror starts here. It seems that it won’t match your dry skin needs. So, before applying mix it with a drop of natural oil. Almond oil is great for sensitive and dry skin. You will have the proper nourishment and that dewy look. No need to look for another foundation.

3. Perfect eyeliner

We all want that cat eye look, but somehow we end up with the panda look instead. This can be solved with some tape. Just stick a little piece following the natural line of your eye. This will help you make a perfect line. Remove the tape and Voila! Pair it with red lipstick for the ultimate Hollywood look.

4. Matte lipstick

These days everybody is going crazy about matte. And you have that sheer lipstick in the perfect shade for you.You don’t need to go to the store. If you want to join the madness, just tap a little bit of translucent powder. Matte in a moment!

5. Matte skin

You love that smooth matte finish on your skin. But the oily skin you have can’t really provide you that. Try using cornstarch instead powder products. It is known for it’s ability to absorb oils. Use it with a big and fluffy brush instead of your translucent powder or pressed powder. It gives a smooth and matte finish that everyone loves.

6. Messy brows

Thick brows are trendy now and proper care is a must. Messy brows can be fixed easily. All you need is hair spray and a clean mascara wand that you don’t use anymore. Spray the wand and brush through the eyebrows. This will leave them good looking and they will stay in shape.

7. Skin toner

You have finished the whole bottle of face toner and you don’t have time to go the store and grab another? The solution is in your kitchen. Just mix a tablespoon of apple vinegar with a glass of water. You can use it as a regular face toner. It gives the skin moisture and that natural glow. Also, apple vinegar is an antiseptic and can help fight acne.



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