Low Carb Diet

Next week I will be beginning a low carb diet, in order to lose weight. I have forty pounds I want to lose. If I stick to the diet, I hope to lose about ten pounds per month, on the optimist side. Once I lose the weight, I will slowly add in more carbs, mostly in the form of fruit at first, until I reach a steady ideal weight.

I will mostly be eating meat and green vegetables. My diet will be based loosely on the Atkin’s diet. I will be discussing my diet first with my doctor. I will be drinking eight glasses of water every day. For starters, I have begun to prepare meal plans and begun shopping and stocking up on foods for my diet. I generally don’t eat a lot of meat. Mostly carbs. So this will be quite an experiment for me.

I don’t think I will enjoy this diet, as most of my favorite foods like pasta, ice cream and potatoes are not allowed. But I really want to lose the weight, and I know other people who have tried this diet and succeeded. I don’t plan on doing it forever, just long enough to lose weight. Keeping it off will be my next task, and hopefully I can add enough fruit and whole grains after the diet to satisfy me.

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