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Intelligent software that can diagnose the disease like a specialist doctor

Software made by a famous British company in medicine to artificial intelligence  can identify the same type of 10 diseases as a doctor Just like an experienced expert sets his opinion.

To train artificial intelligence or AI program, software has been trained by taking over 15,000 patients’ data.Retina scan data was collected from many of these patients, as well as a CT scan. The most important thing about this computer system is that it identify the eye vision on time and save you. Due to timely identification of eye disease, many diseases of the eye can be avoided.

This software can also accurately indicate the eye diseases 94 % accurately. The software instantly tells about which patient needs first attention in the emergency condition, such as holes in the eye retina or in the case of the mucular d generation.

Dr. Mustafa Suleman, co-head of this technique, says that using artificial intelligence very soon will be possible to use eye recognition in the whole world. According to the team, more than 30 UK hospitals will be using this technique in the next three years.


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