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How to Start Being Active and Energetic All Day Solutions

All magazines promote liveliness, put pictures with happy people taking walks in the park, running, being active, happy at their jobs and at home, yet you don’t seem to identify with what the media shows? That’s because your lifestyle clearly needs to go through some changes on all levels for you to feel energetic all day and have enough strength to be active. As you go through the necessary changes, your health will notice a major improvement as well, and you will feel better about yourself as you will have a more positive outlook on all aspects of your life.

Mix up your exercise routine – Focus on making it more fun and relaxing

If an activity feels tedious or puts you in an uncomfortable position, you are likely to give it up. This is why a lot of people avoid going to the gym at all costs, an environment where they would be encouraged to work out and stay active. What you could do in this situation is find another way to exercise, through an activity that involves having fun or relaxing.

  • Combine exercising with dancing: By far the most fun way to stay active is by going to Zumba classes. Zumba is a fitness program that is inspired by Latino dances, and it incorporates elements from the aerobic area, combining them with moves typical for salsa, samba, merengue, and even martial arts. Sign up for a class at a local fitness center, put on the right gear, and get pumped while you exercise with the help of the energizing music that is typical in this environment.
  • Take up swimming: Swimming benefits the body and the mind, helping you relax while boosting your fitness level. About 30 minutes per day 3-4 days per week suffice if you take up swimming in order to maintain an active lifestyle and feel more energetic. It provides a full body workout that would be hard to obtain in any other environment, in half an hour you burn up to 200 calories, so you will lose weight as well, the risk for type 2 diabetes and other health problems will be reduced, and you will get a hearty workout without the nasty sweat that is usually involved with other physical activities.

Cut carbs and insert more proteins

One of the reasons why you tend to feel drained and lazy is because you are not eating right, and your body fat levels are causing you to lose energy faster than you should while performing measly tasks. Thus, to get in shape and feel the energy you need in order to turn to an active lifestyle, you have to change your diet as well. Instead of loading up on carbs that consume all of your energy when dosed improperly, put more accent on proteins as they provide what your body needs to keep “moving” all day.

Get pumped by listening to music

Music influences our mood more than we would like to admit, and for those who want to take up an energetic way of being, listening to up-tempo tunes is a great solution. It also helps you work out for longer periods at a much more challenging pace as instead of focusing on the fact that you feel like your body is being whipped by the activity you are performing, you will focus on the lyrics and beats that you hear in your headphones. It’s a neat trick that gives awesome results, this being one of the main reasons why gyms and exercise classes all play music in the background, hyping the people who are exercising so that they can push themselves further.

Walk to work and go on more shopping trips

Maybe you don’t have the time to go to the gym or special classes in order to exercise, it’s normal. Instead of stressing yourself out and sacrificing certain activities in order to stay active through these means, you could opt for a more simplistic solution to exercise and acquire the energy your body needs to make it through the day by simply walking. Instead of getting into your car and driving to work, walk the whole distance. If this means that you would lose too much time, try to ride the bike to work. Whatever you do, avoid taking the car to this destination if it’s possible. Another neat trick to stay active is to go shopping more often without driving to the store. This way, you get to exercise as you walk and probably carry some loads when you return, and you can even reward yourself with each trip by buying a new clothing item or your favorite healthy snack to create a system in order to stick with this goal.

Avoid naps – Walk it off instead of sleeping it off

In the afternoon, the light that hits your eyes might blunt an energy dip, and you will inevitably feel tired, desiring to take a nap. This is not a proper solution, however, as you are not actually feeling tired but rather just need to unwind a bit. To revitalize your body and your mind, and to burst your energy levels at the same time, you should go for a short walk until this nasty tired state disappears. As you do this routine, you get to exercise a bit and put your body in motion, achieving your active lifestyle goals as well.

Take a 10-minute mental break whenever you need one

The amount of stress that clouds your mind is one of the main reasons why you feel so drained of energy all the time. Instead of taking the ineffective route of meditating for 30 minutes before you go to bed, it’s better to take 10-minute breaks whenever you need to unwind throughout the day. If you are at work and you feel like the task at hand is making your head explode, get up, walk to an isolated area and for 5-10 minutes be alone with your thoughts and nothing more. As you do this, try to think about positive thoughts to put yourself in a better mood, thus being more inclined to feel energetic when you go back to what you were doing.


There are a worryingly high number of people who feel drained of energy and tired from the moment they wake up until the point where they jump in bed. If you feel this way, the time has come to make the right changes and become more energetic. With the right tips and tricks, you too can feel positive and stay active, improving your lifestyle and health due to this shift.


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