How to get rid of your double chin

If you suffer from the dreaded ‘turkey neck’ or double chin, you’ll know too well just how much of an impact it has on your overall appearance and confidence. While they’re usually caused by excessive weight gain, a double chin could also appear because of other factors like your age, genetics or even your posture.

While you can choose to ignore it and simply get on with things, if you’re double chin bothers you, there are a few things you can do to reduce or eliminate it completely. Here are our top 4 solutions to get you looking your best…


  • Changes to your diet


Your first step should be to eliminate weight gain as a key reason for your double chin by making some improvements to your diet.

While changes to your diet may not eliminate your double chin completely, it may make it significantly smaller and less noticeable. Try doing things like avoiding fried or processed foods, increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, replacing refined grains with whole grains, choosing lean meats and dairy products and minimizing your sugar intake.


  • Chin exercises


Like any other part of the body, your neck and chin may also respond to regular exercise.

Try some simple exercises like tilting your head back and whistling at the ceiling, tilting your head back and repeatedly lowering and pushing your bottom jaw forward or blowing kisses, or sticking your tongue out and trying to touch your nose with it.

Try to incorporate a combination of a few different exercises and do at least 10 repetitions of each exercise several times a day. While they may sound a little silly and you may feel even sillier doing them, you could soon notice some significant improvements to the prominence of your double chin.


  • Surgical options


If you’ve made changes to your diet and have adopting a regular chin exercise regime but it simply isn’t making enough of a difference, there are also some surgical options you could consider.

Some cosmetic surgery clinics like this neck liposuction clinic in Melbourne can perform chin and neck liposuction to slim down the neck and reduce heaviness in the lower cheeks and jaw to create a more defined and prominent jaw line.

Neck liposuction works by extracting the fat cells directly from the neck to immediately reduce the size of your double chin. Sometimes the procedure can also be coupled with a process which can promote collagen regrowth to tighten the skin and reduce any unsightly sagging.

Another surgical option you could consider is a neck lift. Similar to a face lift, a neck lift can help tighten loose skin by removing any excess skin from the neck region, to create an overall smoother appearance.

There are a range of techniques used to perform the procedure such as a traditional neck lift, a suture neck lift or platysmal plication, so it’s worth discussing each available option with your doctor to work out which one is going to be the most suitable for you.


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