How to Get Rid of Neck Acne and Keep It off Your Neck

No one wants acne on their skin. Neck acne is even worse. It looks awful; it is painful and very itchy. Neck acne drags your esteem to the doldrums. There is nothing you would like more than to be rid of the pesky condition. The question is, how? First things first; what brings about neck acne in the first place?

  • The usual excess oil and bacteria that causes acne on the back
  • Wearing clothes are tight around the neck area; turtlenecks and tight-collared shirts. Having the scarves on too tightly; the tightness causes irritation.
  • Using facial products that have not been cleared for comedogenic properties, or that are oily
  • Transfer of oil from hair to neck – this can really clog up the skin pores.

Clearing up neck acne

Getting advice online from skincare websites, or by simply typing Ashley’s tips, for instance, may give you a few pointers. While there are products out there that you can use to combat acne problems, it is always good to avoid setting it off. Avoid:

  • Products that are oily or have comedogenic elements
  • Wearing tight-collared shirts and turtlenecks
  • Having hair on the neck – Keep your hair off your neck or use hair products that are less oily. Check the ingredients in your hair products and avoid those with properties that could set your acne off.
  • Keep your neck area clean and free of harmful bacteria and oil.
  • Invest in an exfoliating body wash and that will not cause irritation to your skin.
  • Fabric that is rough on your skin – This includes towels.
  • Anything that irritates your skin – That goes for fabrics, soaps, cleansers and any product causes your skin to itch.
  • Picking at your skin – You know how you pass a hand over an area and you feel like there is something there? Let it be. It could aggravate an already sensitive situation.
  • Scratching an itch, however hard that is

There are a few habits that you could develop that would be very good for your skin. Try these out and you might notice positive changes.

  • Ensure your pillows are clean. Dirt transfers bacteria on your skin that is harmful in the long run.
  • Regular baths are good for your skin. Remember to avoid soaps and cleansers that strip your skin of natural oils and leave your skin feeling rather dry.
  • Avoid excess oils. If you eat right, then you will have solved most of your excess oil problems.
  • The excess buildup of perspiration on your neck promotes bacterial growth. Make sure your neck area is not overheated. Should you perspire, avoid wiping it off.

If your acne is severe, the best you can do is to see a dermatologist for a diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes, self-medication, even with the best natural products, may not work and an expert may be needed to put your dermatological issues into perspective. Follow the regimen recommended and you could bid your skin problems goodbye.

While it is good to seek advice from sites online that deal with skincare issues by typing, for instance, Ashley’s tips,it is even better to recognize when you need professional intervention because your problem may actually be serious enough to require medication.


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Written by Eric Reyes

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