Health Protection – An important process of keeping public health secure

Health protection is a common term to encompass a collection of activities among the public health function. Many factors are involved in the health protection function. Those are assuring of providing safety and quality water, food, and also the air with the general environment. Preventing infectious diseases and managing other incidents which are not suitable for public health is also a part of health protection. The awareness of health protection is gradually increasing today. Some issues like pandemic flu, immunization, and food borne infections are regularly in the public eye. For protecting the public health from hazards, a strong workforce, and educated people are the very much needed.

Why is health protection important?

To go for the progressive approach towards the development of workforce education in health protection, NES (NHS Education for Scotland) and HPS (Health Protection Scotland) is working as a partner. They are working for mainly delivering three particular areas, which are

  • The implementation is all about continuing the National “Framework for developing the workforce education for health protection in Scotland.”
  •  The educational packages are developing for specific health protection topics. 

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Role of a health protection agency

For health protection purpose, many health protection agencies are introduced in the United Kingdom. The main motive of the health protection agency is to protect the health from infectious diseases and several environmental hazards. The health protection is all about providing information and advice to the different health care experts such as doctors and nurses, and local and national government. The role of the health protection agency is to provide a specific approach for giving protection to public health in the united kingdom. They offer emergency services, advice, and support to the NHS i.e., National Health Service and department of health and the administration. The health protection agency also helps with new and infectious health threats like bioterrorism. The division of health protection services will include the various laboratory groups from different centers like the center of infections, center for infections, and center for emergency response. The health protection agency gives expert advice to NHS Trusts and primary care trust.

Nowadays, everybody is conscious about his or her health, and most of the person enroll their name for health protection insurance. This health insurance is including different schemes along with different parts of the body. So everybody should buy health protection insurance to get the total health care amount.

Dental health protection services

Does medicare cover dental procedures? Medicare does not cover most of the dental services. Those dental care and procedures are fillings, tooth extraction, cleaning, denture, dental devices, and dental plates. The hospital insurance or Medicare Part A will provide money for specific dental procedures when you are in a hospital. Part A Medicare can contribute a certain amount for inpatient hospital care in some emergency purposes or for the complicated dental procedures. 

Medicare Part A and Part B do not provide coverage for all types of dental problem. However, there are some exceptions where Medicare offers coverage for a dental issue. For example, if you faced an accident and that damage your jaw, then medicare will provide the coverage for reconstruction of your jaw. Moreover, if you have any tooth or jaw disease, Medicare Part A will give you coverage for the tooth extraction that is caused by that disease. In those conditions where you need to stay in the hospitals due to dental problems, Medicare will provide a certain amount for hospital stay but not for the dental treatment. 


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