Health Benefits for Black Kalonji Seeds

Indian cuisine is not complete without the use of these tiny power-packed seeds known as kalonji. Abundantly available, it blends with ease with all the curries and dals, that are so intrinsic to Indian cuisine.

Yes, you are acquainted with the wonderful taste of kalonji but are you acquainted with the effective health benefits of kalonji oil? Yes, it is, incredibly nutritious, and the magical aroma wafting from the kitchen when a particular dish is tempered with kalonji seeds is simply out of this world.

Now, can you believe that something as easily available can be so good for your heart health or for that matter good for combating diabetes? When it comes to nigella seeds there is more, Yes, there is so much more to it than meets the eye. It contains a host of nutrients such as crude fiber, amino acids, saponin, crystalline nigellone, crude fiber, proteins, calcium, potassium, and fatty acids such as volatile oils, linolenic and oleic acids.

Looking for a superfood with potent anti-carcinogenic properties? Or something that will provide immediate relief from pains and niggles? Well, don’t go out looking for expensive superfoods, kalonji seeds will prove to be the perfect solution for small and big health problems. Find out more about Kalonji seeds health benefits and find more reasons to love this tiny seed that promises a big nutritional punch.

Effective Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds

Kalonji seed oils find different ways to impact our health. Find out the effective health benefits of kalonji oil and how you can use it to protect your health from chronic ailments.

  • Fight Diabetes

Black seeds oil helps reduce oxidative stress thus maintaining pancreatic β-cell integrity. The glycemic levels in diabetic rates are shown to be a much-improved improvement after ingesting a substantial amount of thymoquinone (compound rich in Black seeds), also a decrease in glucose and HbA (1C) levels were noted. It has been noted that when diabetic patients consumed between one and three grams of Nigella Sativa seeds over a three-month period, they had benefited largely from the treatment protocol.

  • Eliminates Acne

Say, goodbye to acne – prone skin with kalonji seed oil. A simple concoction of sweet lime juice with Kalonji seed oil can protect your acne-marred skin in a potent way. Just add half a teaspoon of kalonji oil and a cup of sweet lime juice. Dip and dab this concoction with a cotton wool and apply it on the affected area.

  • Increases Memory and Helps with Asthma

Teasing your brain recently with crosswords still not been able to boost your memory? Well, kalonji seed oil can come to your rescue. You can increase brain power and concentration, just by adding mint leaves (10 grams) to a bowl of water. Bring it to a boil and add ½ tsp of Kalonji oil. Continue with this treatment for 20-25 days and have it twice a day to get the best results.

  • Eases Joint Pain

Joint pain is a debilitating condition and affects your quality of life. You can avoid this condition by just taking a handful of kalonji seeds. You can combine kalonji oil with mustard oil and then heat it. When it reaches a smoking point, remove from heat and allow it to cool. Massage this concoction on the affected area and you will get quick relief.

  • Helps Lose Weight

Enhance your weight loss efforts by adding kalonji oil to your daily regime. You can achieve optimum results by taking just a small amount of Kalonji oil to say a (½ tsp), and honey (2 tsp), add it to a glass of lukewarm water. Have this concoction at least twice or thrice a day.

  • For the Treatment and Prevention of Cancer

Black seed oil is regarded as a nemesis of cancer! The potent force of Thymoquinone causes death in leukemia cells. That’s not all you can notice similar benefits in rogue cells found in breast, brain, mouth, pancreas and cervical cancer. You can also combat the ill-effects of radiation and conventional cancer treatment with Black seed oil.

  • Reduces Blood Pressure Levels

Balance your blood pressure level holistically with the potent force of kalonji oil. Mix half a teaspoon of kalonji oil with warm water and you will soon start reaping the benefits. You have to maintain this treatment protocol with the right diet plan.

  • Kalonji oil for teeth

Though you dread sitting on the dentist’s chair, you have to because of numerous teeth problems such as gum swelling, falling of teeth,  bleeding and so on. You can find a perfect solution to avoid all dental problems. Just mix Kalonji oil (½ tsp) with (1 cup) curd. Continue to follow this protocol twice a day for perfect results. Another very useful remedy is by rinsing the teeth with a mixture of Kalonji oil (½ tsp) and vinegar (1 tsp), at least thrice a day for a week.  Soak the cotton with Kalonji oil and apply on the affected area. Apply on the teeth right before going to bed, this will not only cure a cavity but also prevent it in the future.

  • Protects the Kidney

Kalonji oil also protects your kidney. Add a teaspoon of kalonji oil and two teaspoons of honey in warm water. This will help with kidney infections, kidney pain, and stones. Before you start with any treatment protocol it is advisable to consult with your doctor first.

  • Kalonji oil for the Healthy heart

Kalonji oil can also be used to take care of your heart and prevent heart attacks in the future, combine the mix of Kalonji oil ( ½ tsp) and goat milk (1 cup). Continue with this treatment for a week at least to get results.

The potency of the Nigella seeds depends a lot on the quality of the seeds. Ensure that they are jet black in color and not pale. Store them in a cool dry place to keep them fresh for a longer time. Buy it in small batches in order to maintain their freshness. This helps preserve the aroma of the seeds. Go forth, add nigella seeds to your diet and enjoy a little more than just its distinctive aroma and flavor.


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Written by Addie Davison

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