Hair Day

Sunday, 5.31.20

On Thursday evening, I finally got my haircut at Supercuts. I think it looks more like a blunt cut bob, although I prefer layered because I have fine hair. But I need a change, I think I have gotten all versions of a bob by now, since the 90s. On Saturday afternoon, after showering, I placed henna all over my hair and wore a shower cap over it, before wrapping my head with a towel so to avoid mess. Then, I watched Youtube videos. I noticed there are a lot of protests this weekend over the George Floyd death. Although they started peaceful, it suddenly became violent and chaotic. 

European countries continue to protest against their government, the Cornyflu Plandemic, and the lockdown. Police and National Guard are all over the streets in USA to control the mess. 

My hairstyle is now similar to this small edited snapshot. But I have more red highlights in my hair right now. 

I didn’t go out anywhere today because of Hair Day. 


What do you think?


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