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Explore the Most Effective Benefits of Cocoa Butter for Skin

Cocoa butter is drawn from beans that mainly grow in West Africa from the cocoa tree. Butter is extracted from the beans using the most hygienic process and no additives are added into the butter to ensure it maintains its natural properties. Here are some of the most fundamental elements that make cocoa butter for skin very vital.


Nothing is half rich in antioxidants that fight free radical damage to your skin surface like cocoa butter does. The butter contains antioxidants that fight aging signs, dull skin, skin sagging, and dark patches on your skin surface. Skin protection against the free radicals ought to be your greatest concern and nothing protects your skin better than cocoa buttercream.


Here is a common challenge that faces many persons globally, that manifests itself in the form of different coloration on the skin. The skin darkening is come about when there are traces of excess melanin leading to darkening of some parts of your skin. When your skin produces more melanin on a certain patch, hyperpigmentation is said to arise and affects all people irrespective of race.

Though aging and liver problems have been said as the leading causes of the condition, it is important to note cocoa butter can help cure your condition. Though there several types of hyperpigmentation the solution to all of them lies in the constant use of cocoa butter on your skin to sooth the damage caused so effortlessly.

Stretch Mark Eliminator

Yes, you had it right, you can live a life free from the ugly stretch marks on your body by simply applying cocoa butter regularly on your skin. The reason behind the stretch mark should never be an issue, all you need to know is that you have the solution to the stretch marks on your body. Make cocoa butter your regular friend and you are assured of getting rid of the stretch marks on your body with ease.

Hydration Problems

cocoa butter is rich in fatty acids that hydrate your skin from the roots. Thus, the butter offers a permanent solution to all your skin dryness problem that cause irritation and damage your skin.

Skin Healer to Sensitive Skin

Though there are no guarantees on this one, cocoa butter has proven to work a miracle on persons with very sensitive skin conditions such as dermatitis.

Healing of Chapped Lips 

Yes, you can use cocoa butter on your lips as a homemade lip bam without the risk of any reactions or discomfort. For better results, you can mix cocoa butter with grapefruit oil, peppermint oil, or vanilla oil just to give it a touch of flavor and give your lips better hydration.

Cocoa butter forms a protective layer on your skin preventing them from losing excess water and protect them from either extreme cold or hot weather. The protection goes further to heal chapped lips either caused by the sun or other extreme weather.

Soothing Sun Burns, Skin Infections, and Rashes 

One thing that makes cocoa butter effective in treating burns, infections, and rashes, is that it works slowly on to heal from the inside, and you just wake up one morning to have a smooth skin free from the above. Get pure cocoa butter free from any alcohol additives, as they will cause more inflammation and make your skin more sensitive.

Rub the butter on your skin and you will see the desired results with time. Consistency and getting the right product is the key to effective results on this one. When treating the rash, you can add Aloe Vera gel before applying on the affected skin.

Skin Restoration 

Are you worried about how you can get your skin back to life? We have the best solution for you that does not involve some expensive surgery. Cocoa butter is a valuable source of omega 6 and 9 plus zinc and dopamine. The tempo of life on your skin is reliant on the above and cocoa butter offers them in abundance. Thus, all you need to do is change your diet from junk food to a healthy diet and apply cocoa butter on your skin before you sleep. Make it a habit and you will get the results you so much desire to get.

Skin Hydration 

The second skin moisturizer with water is without doubt cocoa butter. Besides, it does more than keeping your skin hydrated as it heals it from inside and prevents it from peeling. The antioxidants present in cocoa butter, plus the saturated fats in the cream heal dry and cracked skin, without the risk of further damage to the skin in the future.

The hydrating elements in cocoa butter offer less irritation to people with sensitive skin, by locking moisture within the skin. Beauty products containing alcohol tend to burn the skin and cause dryness that exposes the skin to infections. All you need to do is just apply cocoa butter on your skin consistently and you will have a properly hydrated skin that makes you proud and boosts your self-esteem.

If you are comfortable with the smell of coconut oil, you can make a mixture of the two and apply it on your skin as they work together to give you’re a better-textured skin. However, it is important you always use cocoa butter as a base before applying the mixture or any other product of your sin that seeks to boost the hydration of your skin.

Boost Immunity 

Hundreds of researches have been conducted on the role played by cocoa butter in boosting the overall immunity of the body. Polyphenols are some of the key antioxidants that work to boost the immune system your body enabling it to fight inflammation. Cocoa butter has been proven to enable the body fight skin cancer and cardiovascular disease among other skin conditions. Thus, continuously apply cocoa butter on your body and you will have a strong immune system that is able to contain various skin conditions.


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Written by Daisygrace88