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What can cause a rash under the armpit and how to treat it

Armpit rashes are known to cause lots discomfort due to the pain and irritation it creates under the arms. Fungal and bacterial infections are the primary causes of the condition though recent research indicates skin contact with infected persons can lead to an outbreak of the disease. The rashes are common in summer when the armpits tend to be warm and moist, which is the perfect condition for such infections. Auspiciously, there are known methods on how to cure under armpit skin but is vital to have a look at the most prominent symptoms and understand the disease before looking at the precise ways of treatment.

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Armpit rashes manifest on the skin depending on the cause of the illness. However, getting a discolored skin is common irrespective of the cause. A bumpy appearance that in some cases produces a bad smell are prominent symptoms.

The armpit could be itchy, ooze some pus, get warm leading to a burning effect, the presence of some rings, and get tender among other signs. Among other symptoms include, a running nose, headaches, coughs, fever, sore throat, and general body stiffness. So what causes the armpit rashes?

Armpit Shaving 

Razor shaving of the armpits is one of the oldest means of clearing the hair growth in that region. However, blunt and infected razors often cause skin irritation leaving the surface bruised and prone to bacterial infections. Red bumps develop due to frequent shaving forming a thriving ground for the rash and infections.

Besides, hair plucking is never advised as it tampers with the regular skin structure often resulting in acne that in some cases will cause the rush. For proper hair removal on the armpits, use shaving cream and waxes, be gentle and use shorter strokes to minimize skin injury.

Sweat Rash 

One common cause of the rashes is sweat that often causes clogging of glands trapping perspiration beneath the skin. Such armpit rashes manifest in the form of blisters and red lumps common in babies. However, adults with delicate skin are prone to the condition.

Armpit Yeast or Fungi 

Yeast infection tends to be lethal as they can spread to other body parts due to touching of infected areas. If the condition spreads to the genitals, it can be deadly as it often causes cancer in women. Whenever two skin surfaces meet and rub, and there is limited air circulation in such regions, then yeast infection tends to occur. Such areas include the toes and armpits.

Yeast infections thrive well in moist and warm environments with something that the underarms provide so effortlessly especially in warm climatic conditions where sweating is common. Thus, if you have sweaty armpits, you will need to check your hygiene and your choice of clothing during warm weather to prevent the occurrence and to spread of the infection.

Armpit Ringworms 

The ringworms cause a crusted rush on the skin that appears in round patches especially under your arm. Armpit ringworms will result in loss of hair, blister formation, and itching.

Staph infection 

Staph infections tend to be resilient to antibiotics making them quite difficult to contain and treat. It is associated with reduced body hygiene, contact with infected persons, and infections resulting from certain surgical infections.

The simple treatments for rash under the armpit

Here are some of the simple treatment options most of which are curative and preventive that can be administered at home.

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree is known for its antibacterial elements that make it useful in treating armpit rashes. Besides, it is a 100% natural product used to clear rashes and can be used to prevent it without posing any dangers to the skin. When gently applied to the infected regions, it helps in reducing the itching and reddening effect on the surface. All you need to do is pass by your drug store and get the product.

Aloe Vera 

Here is a jack of all trades on matters health care that should never lack in your home. It is perfect for the treatment of armpit rashes as it quickly reduces the burning effect and reduces skin reddening. It comes loaded with lots of antimicrobial elements and helps in preventing an outbreak and smoothening of your skin.

Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is vital for reducing friction in your armpits especially for persons struggling with weight. Cold and compressed coconut oil will lower irritation and helps in preventing an outbreak due to its antibacterial properties.

Also, it keeps the armpits moisturized preventing worsening of the situation. Fatty acids present in the oil are vital for maintaining skin PH and calming down of the inflamed nerves.


Though lemon has a stinging effect, it is rich in antibacterial elements that come in handy to prevent the outbreak of the rashes. If your infection is due to bacteria, then apply some lemon juice on the infected areas to speed up the healing process. Besides, lemon juice helps the skin recover from scars caused the rashes ensuring you get a smooth refreshed skin.

Cold Compress 

Here is a mitigation technique that offers relief from the irritation caused the rashes. Cooling is vital in taking care of the underarms and cleans the area leaving you clean and refreshed. Besides, the healing process speeds up by lowering the harshness of the symptoms. Directing compressed area in the region is vital in preventing an outbreak as soothes the skin and makes it difficult for bacteria to survive.

Shea Butter 

Shea butter is rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties that nourish the skin clear armpit rashes. Treating the rashes becomes more efficient with the use of Shea butter since it heals and soothes the skin by nourishing the skin lots of essential nutrients.


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  1. Last week my armpit was red, itchy, and sore. I couldn’t use a deodorant coz it really stings. But I keep a lot of organic skin care products at home and I tried to apply murumuru butter on my armpit. It worked perfectly. The irritation was gone and no more itchiness. Murumuru butter is antibacterial and anti-inflmmmatory. I’m still not using deodorants though. I’ll stick to murumuru butter for now until my armpit is completely healed.

    • Hi frenchtoast78, Thank for this information. I would love to do some research on murumuru butter and it’s benefits for underarms. So that I can add it to the list of ingredients. Thank you! Do let me know if you have tried Shea Butter or Coconut oil?

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