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Errands to Improve Health

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Today, I went to Walmart to buy compression socks and other related items in order to help me deal with these annoying varicose veins that suddenly showed up on my feet and ankles. It is mostly likely due to sitting at the computer when I was bored. But I thought I was counteracting all the sitting with gym workouts and walking meetups. I obviously thought wrong.

I had bought two compression socks, one open-toe and one closed. When I arrived home, I noticed that the open-toe one is a size large. I had accidentally picked the large one instead of a small one. So, I went back to exchange it for a smaller size. I ended up exchange it for a medium because there wasn’t a small.

I returned home, and decided to go to Mother’s Market because Gumby was out of litter, and I am almost out of toilet paper and paper towels. I am also out of L-tyrosine supplements.

That night, I washed my feet to wear the open-toe compression socks. It is a very tight fit. I hope it helps, God-willing.


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