Dying to Dye Your Hair?

Monday, October 09, 2017

While internet surfing, I stumbled upon an article—Betty White “DYES” Peacefully in her LA Home—and I decided to click on it because I know she is now very old, and I wondered if it is really true.

There have been stupid rumors about celebrity deaths or death hoax floating around on the internet for a long time and whoever is creating them is just as stupid as these rumors. For one thing, I don’t really care about any celebrity’s health or even death, but if I stumble upon it by accident while researching, I will stop to check it out to see what is really going on as a form of entertainment.

In this article, posted on Empires News, the idiot misspelled dies as “dyes,” whether intentionally or due to stupidity. Other articles on the internet claim Betty White’s death is actually a death hoax, and she is actually alive and kicking in Los Angeles. As I said before, I don’t really care either way. But as I read this article, I notice that this article is about promoting hair color dyes. Around 90% of this article discusses that Betty White was born a brunette, and she has been dyeing her hair in a blonde shade since it started to gray, while her husband was still alive. She adds that she loves being a blonde because she has actually had a more fun and fulfilling life with her dyed blonde hair. Actually, since the first paragraph of this article, it states that Betty White isn’t a natural blonde. For one thing, she is 93 years old, and her hair color is now naturally very white. But she prefers dyeing her hair blonde to cover her white hair like I prefer to cover my gray hair with henna since my mid-forties. They were better off promoting her as “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” like in that lame Marilyn Monroe movie, although she is still single in her old age.

So, this article is an obvious ad for hair color, and Betty White is the hair color spokesmodel for old people.  You can dye your hair peacefully inside the comfort of your own home with the product of your choice, whether Herbal Henna or anything else. Just create your own home spa and relax, doing the whole process by yourself.

I added a selfie snapshot from a local mall event. In this snapshot, my hair looks dark auburn from the henna I used. But it looks a dark auburn shade here because it is indoors. When I am outdoors, my hair color looks like regular Auburn or sometimes metallic red.


What do you think?