Covid – 19 Jamaican Version

Although it might seem odd to those in 1st World Nations, we, in Jamaica, locked down on the 10th of March.  

Our first focus was on those from China, which is why our first case came from England.  After that, we locked the airports and the sea ports, implemented tight curfews and demanded everyone wear a mask in public.

Sure, this is Jamaica which is somewhat anarchically, but after the first arrests and the embarrassments, people pretty much conformed.

Cars were off the road, schools and businesses were closed, Courts were closed.  

Supermarkets were open from 8 am to 4 pm and people were buying dozens of rolls of toilet paper and all kinds of disinfectant.  There were long lines and spots on the ground for social distancing.

A lot of people didn’t follow this when it came to getting money from abroad or other benefits.   However, considering masks were worn, it wasn’t too bad.

The big disaster was not locking down call centres.  Over 300 cases came from Call Centres.  And those they associated with.

So we now have 638 cases, 458 recovered and 10 deaths.

Trinidad has done better, with 117 cases, 109 recovered and 8 deaths, as has Barbados with 97 cases, 85 recovered and 7 deaths.

So how is it that we, sh8thole nations can do so much better than Massa USA?


What do you think?


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    • There seems to have been a massive plunge of intellect in the USA I am anxious to see them pack into an enclosed stadium without masks to see their mess eyer. And sign a disclaimer before entry…


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