Coronavirus Explained & Debunked

Friday, May 8, 2020

This video defines coronavirus. Potassium sulfate is good for the body, as well as a vegan and/or vegetarian diet. Ferrum Iron is also important because it brings in oxygen into one’s body. They help fight the toxicity in one’s body to detox. 


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  1. A fantastic post, Fifi! Pure science at its very finest. Unfortunately, you will find very few American Virily writers agreeing with your logic-based findings, (there are some though besides me that agree with L O G I C). I’m sorry for posting only now, as I have been putting out your link to everywhere I can and doing so with what has got to be the slowest wi-fi connection in the world. Regards, Andre. P.S. I’m putting out a video by a doctor who confirms what is in your video, I will post your link there as well.

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