Coffee benefits kidney patients – Research

A research study on coffee has shown that kidney patients may increase their age of regular daily use of coffee. Dr Magoell Bogota Vera, a specialist at the North Lisbon Hospital Center, located in Portugal, has done a long survey on thousands of patients suffering from kidney disease. In the study, 4,863 patients of kidneys were carefully reviewed in 1999 to 2000.

The survey also included economic situation, color, race, environment, sex, lifestyle and diet, It was found that ,people who use coffee in daily routine the age was more, while patients with less coffee left the world quickly. It is clear that the survey included kidney patients who were suffering from severe disease.

Experts estimate that if patients with kidney patients use daily enough coffee, it reduces the risk of death with 25 % .In its report, experts have written that kidney patients can take long lifespan by taking lesser and easier methods, because there are plenty of benefits. The reason is , It contain Nitric acid and Coffee keep your blood clean and kidney tube healthy.

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