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Chia Seeds is a treasure of health for people of all ages

Unfortunately in the world Chia Seeds a natural blessing is badly ignored, which is full of health benefits due to being a treasure of health. The seed is expected to be used only when making syrup and Falooda ( A Mixture of Ice cream), but this seed is used as a currency in history. Soldiers used to eat it before the war because it is energy-efficient. On the same hand, seed bowl is also known as a racer.

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The chia seed volume consists of 137 calories, 12 grams of carbohydrates, half-gram of fat, half-gram fiber, zero acres, six milligrams of manganese, 265 millisphere phosphorus, 177 grams calcium plus vitamins, minerals, nucleus, iodine and 28 grams. Thiamine exists. Apart from this, many types of anti-oxidants are also found in chia seed.

Benefits of Chia Seeds

It gives beauty to the skin and man look young for long time. Research in Mexico has shown that it contains double amount of natural phenolic (anti Oxidants) and it prevents the process of becoming free radical in the body. On the other hand, it is extremely useful for skin, on the other side also prevents a man become older before the age.

Useful for the digestion.

Due to the high amount of fiber, the Chia seed is very suitable indigestion and for hair loss. Flax seeds and Chia seeds are maintained in the blood, and insulin cholesterol and blood pressure. Medical investigation has shown that fiber water absorbs and absorbs stomach and is extremely useful for reducing weight. Its use increases the amount of bacteria used for stomach.

Keep the heart healthy.

The chia seed reduces cholesterol, blood pressure on the normal and is very useful for the heart. The regular use of this prevents the stress of blood vessels and makes them flexible. Due to omega-fatty fatty acids, this is a major defender of the heart.

Useful in diabetes.

Chia Seed bowl does not cause fat in the blood due to alpha linolic acid and fiber, and neither insulin resistance. These are two main ingredients that cause further diabetes. That is why regular use of chia seeds is very helpful in preventing diabetes.

Increase Stamina.

According to a report published in the journal strength and conditioning, Chia seeds increase energy for one and a half hours and is very useful for people who exercise. It reduces the fat by increasing the metabolism and saves it from obesity.

Healthy bones.

An ounce of chia seed contains 18% daily calcium, which is very important for the weight and strength of the bones. The boron present in this helps absorb phosphorus, manganese and phosphorus, and these bones and muscles become strong. Also zinc and other ingredients maintain mouth and dental health.


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