Cats Meditation for July

Friday, July 26, 2019

I continue my meditation period as I relax and recuperate from active lifestyle issues. I decide to meditate with my Cats cards and Osho cards to see what insights I receive. 

After shuffling my Cats cards, I randomly pick three cards from anywhere in the deck. I got 2 of Sky, Hermit, and Consequences. Consequences and Hermit cards are Major Arcana, which has to do with a important event, life experience, or soul work. It is noted to pay more attention on these cards. The Minor Arcana cards are similar to the four suits of playing cards, and they have to do with daily experiences or passing events, which are likely to be not a big deal. So, I guess, the Major Arcana cards require more work to resolve. 

The 2 of Sky card is in reverse, which indicates that I am able to see which direction to take, even though I am still a little skeptical about my perceptions and my actions. I might be feeling a little low because of recent stress and tension, as I try to understand what is going on and figure things out to improve my situation. It is recommended to wait a little bit long before taking any action. Maybe wait until I am sure of things.

The Hermit card is Major Arcana. This card is about a need to meditate in solitude and silence about my current situation. It is recommended to take a break from my usual very active lifestyle. It is a time for introspection. In this picture, I notice the cute cat is sitting comfortably on his pomegranate tree. There is a crescent moon of mystery in the background, and the tree is filled with ripe pomegranates. One pomegranate is actually slit open, displaying many juicy seeds. I looked up pomegranate tree symbolism, which has to do with prosperity and fertility. It is considered a holy tree. Pomegranate is a symbol of life, marnage, and rebirth. (marnage means tidal range, I guess it is all about the rise and fall movement). Crescent moon symbolism has to do with fertility as well as life and death.

The Consequence card is also a Major Arcana, but it is in reverse, which indicates that the negative issues are starting to loosen up, enabling me to find a way out of this mess with careful deliberation. It is recommended to follow the course of action since the beginning, which was in May in order to make sense of it all as well as understand what and why it happened. Then, think of solutions how to improve this situation and prevent it from happening again.

I realize it probably was about sitting too long at my computer as well as being too active and busy, which lead to my dehydration. Also, I probably didn’t sleep much, although I did take naps. So, I need to sleep more and drink more liquids, especially during this humid summer heat, as well as maybe doing light exercises to strengthen my feet veins. I also need to cleanse my gut because I sometimes get IBS, which explains why I am always bloated with discomfort. Let’s just hope everything clears up soon…


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