Can't Do Better – 7

You can manipulate people like Jade‘.   Since she can NEVER listen to anyone but herself,  all you have to do is suggest the right course and she’ll take the wrong one.

If you say it is going to rain, she will leave without an umbrella.  This is because for her to take an umbrella means that She Listened To YOU!!!!

She would rather be drenched to the skin than take that umbrella.

Although it is rather ‘evil’  to use the nature of those who ‘Can’t Do Better’ against them, sometimes it is the best choice.

Sometimes you can stop them from doing something ‘evil’ by suggesting it.

Sometimes, for your own protection, you can suggest something wise so that she chooses the stupid path and harms herself.

And you can, of course say, ‘But I told you so…’   but better not. Why prolong any connection?


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Written by jaylar

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