Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 7

I had been transferred to this city temporarily.  The word ‘temporarily’ is key.  I knew how long I would be here, when I would leave.

The company paid my rent and utilities up to a certain point. If I went over the limit, I paid the difference.

When I arrived, the H.R. manager suggested a number of flats, and as this one was the closest, in easy walking distance to the office, I took it.

At first it was ‘paradise’.

I had my own room and bath and ‘shared’ space with whomever took the other room.  The shared space was a kitchen and living area which was virtually unfurnished.

When I first arrived there was a young couple in the other room who departed soon after.  Although alone, I was remarkably comfortable.

I woke, did exercises in the empty living room, showered, went to work, came home, cooked in the kitchen, and then, went to bed.  I wasn’t lonely or afraid.  It was fine. For one month.Then Jade arrived.


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