Can't Do Better- 17

When a person is in their late thirties or older, and never married, a flag should go up.  

The question is Why?

There are people, lovely people, who never married.  Whether it was the wrong time or the beloved died or married someone else, etc.  

There are people who never had children.   Some, because they couldn’t and some chose not to.

However, there are those so abominable that no one wanted to get close to them.   People who gave them a chance have retreated.

This isn’t a person who lost their family in some catastrophe, this isn’t a person who almost married but… this is a person that no one ever wanted to be near.

Many people marry in their twenties and get divorced and never marry again.  Some people are deep into their work and have platoons of friends and family but never reached the level of marriage with anyone.

They are not those who ‘Can’t Do Better’  these are those who made choices.  There are those who never had a choice to make because they are so repulsive no one wanted them.

People who never were married, or even came close, need to be flagged.

Don’t be surprised if when you spend any time with them you can’t wait to escape.

People who Can’t Do Better Never learn from their mistakes.  They just repeat them.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar

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