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Can Changing Sleep Positions Really Easy Back Pain?

When it comes to getting a good night to rest nothing can get in the way of sleep more than back pain. Tossing and turning in bed for hours without rest can really make you exhausted the next day.

As you sleep, some positions may cause your back pain to get worse while others can give you some relief.

While experts do not know why back pain and sleep problems are related, they often accompany one another. In fact, they are so closely related to one another sleep experts are starting to focus on both of these issues to help patients sleep better.

Not Sleeping Can Make Life Difficult

According to the National Sleep Foundation not getting enough sleep at night can cause all sorts of problems. Depression and lack of energy during the day because of lack of sleep can affect your entire life.

Your work can become affected and even your relationship with your family can be compromised. Not getting enough sleep can also be dangerous.

Driving while drowsy is just as dangers as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Sleep Positions That Make Back Pain Worse

While there is no one sleeping position that will help get rid of all back pain, there are some that can potentially make it worse. For example, people who sleep on their stomach tend to have the most trouble with back pain.

This position can flatten the natural curve of the spine which in turn puts pressure on your back. Stomach sleeping is hands down the worse position for back pain but with a little support, you can relieve some of that pain.

It is natural for us to move around at night and staying in one position the entire night can cause stiffness. So it is a good idea to learn various sleep positions so that you can always be comfortable in bed. Below we will dive into what you can do to get some rest.

The Best Sleep Positions For Back Pain Relief

You might be asking yourself can switch your sleep position ease back pain? The answer is yes! As we have already learned there is one position that can make back pain worse.

This position can make sleeping very difficult. But there are also some positions that can ease back pain so that you can get some much-needed rest! Below is a list of positions that you may want to try.

Back sleepers: For those of you who sleep on your back you might want to try putting a pillow under your knees. This will allow your spine to maintain a natural curve which can help ease back pain.

Stomach sleepers: If you are a stomach sleeper like many of us, you can put a pillow under the pelvis and lower abdomen. This will put less strain on your back while you sleep.

Side sleepers: For side sleepers, you should draw in your knees towards your chest and sleep with a full body pillow between your legs. This will help you maintain a natural curve position and lessen back pain.

The Right Mattress and Pillow Can Make A Difference

If you have had your mattress longer than 10 years chances are you will need a new one. Having the firm mattress can not only help with your back pain but also help you get some much-needed rest. Once you have determined if you need a new mattress, you will need to decide which type of mattress is right for you.

Some people like firm mattresses while others like softer ones. This can make a big difference in your comfort level so choose wisely. If you don’t know which type of mattress you prefer, visit a mattress store and give their inventory a test drive. Some stores will even let you try a mattress out in your home for 90 days. This will help you decided which type of mattress is the most comfortable.

When it comes to pillows you may benefit from sleeping with a full body pillow or a curved pillow. These pillow types help support your back and can help you sleep better.

As you can see practicing the right sleep positions combined with the right mattress and pillow can make all the difference. If you are suffering for night time back pain and sleepless nights, it is time to do something about it! Remember the right sleep positions can help make your time in bed more comfortable.


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